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Get the ultimate website designer in Zambia for your web design project! affordable business website design in zambia for smes

Best web designer in Lusaka for your businesses in Zambia

Get the ultimate website designer in Zambia for your web design project!

We offer affordable business website design in Zambia for all. Get your dream website developed today with our best website designers in Lusaka and start creating an effective website presence in Zambia and across borders.

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Your Dream Website in 3-Steps

Whether you need a front-end web development or back-end website development, or full stack website development, we got you covered. As a website designer company in Zambia, WebZ gives you the freedom to choose your own kind of web development. If you can think of it, we will find a way to make it happen.


Consultations & Planning

website designing companies in lusaka zambia

– Our first phase of web development is firstly to listen to your ideas then plan out the structure and concepts of your web project. It talks about structure, pages, functions and sites, and how everything links to each other.  

Needless to say, our website developers will need the participation of you the client to make this phase possible.

Depending on your dream, a lot of Brainstorming is done at this stage.


Designing & Development

web designer in lusaka zambia

– The second phase of web development commonly known to many people as web design. As the name suggests, it’s when we set all the overall aesthetics of the website. This involves choosing the right colors, font, structure, photos, and many more.

Using the expertise and experience of our dedicated team of web designers & web developers, a website of your dream will be created.

While Step-1 answers the WHAT, Step-2 answers the questions of WHERE & HOW.


Finalisation & Launch

best website designer in lusaka Zambia

– After so much tedious work in Step-2, finally we alive. In this phase of web development we focus our time and effort to finalize the website.  The first version of the website will be made available to you within few days. You will let us know about any changes you want us to make and correct anything that is not in order. 

This Web development phase demands the full involvement of the client and the target audience.

After you are satisfied, only then will your website go online.

Responsive and easy to update website!

Our websites fit flawlessly on all devises. So you can reach any audience no matter what devise they are using.

Get a website developed today & let your customers find you online

Custom website design for Celebs, Brands and Corporations

Our dedicated team of website designers in Lusaka comprises of specialists that are hands-on smart, professional and cost-effective business website design, eCommerce website design, professional website design, medical website design, school website design, law firm website design, brand website design & corporate website design for businesses in Zambia. WebZ's website designers in Lusaka will insure your customized website is uniquely designed and developed. 

All our websites come with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) to update your website yourself. Even better, our experts in search engine optimization (SEO) in Zambia steps in to ensure that your website is also easily found on search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo).

Make WebZ - Website Zambia in Lusaka your web design company for reliable web design & development solutions.

best website designers in zambia for business, professional and personal application development

Website Design - Prices

Find a website design price in Zambia that suites you. If not ask us for a customized website design cost in Lusaka for you.

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  • Guaranteed Results

Website Design S

Ideal package for individuals or SMEs that are simply attempting to get things started online.

One time K 3,990 once was K6,550
Save K2,560
Add to Busket

 Design Consultation 3 - 5 Pages

 Ready within 5 - days

 First year Hosting

 Domain included .com and .zm (Only)

 Contact form

Website Design M

(Most Popular)

Everything you will need for a little more-advanced website with need for regular updates.

One time K 11,990 once was K13,880
Save K1,890
Add to Busket

 Design Consultation 5 - 10 pages

 First year hosting

 Domain included .com and .zm (Only)

 Intergrated Audio with/without auto play

 Intergrated Youtube video

 Downloadable office & audio files only

 Basic Online User signup

 Interactive Blog

Website Design L

Website Design & Development - L. (CMS, Responsive, 1-year Domain Registration & Hosting, 1-Year Website Hosting with CPanel Access, Admin Training)

One time K 18,990 once was K21,990
Save K3,000
Add to Busket

 Domain included .com and .zm (Only)

 First year Hosting

 Downloadable office, video & audio files only

 First year HTML/CSS adjustments

 Online user signup

 Blog and news features

 cPanel Access

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